Morast – Morast

Totenmusik releases the vinyl version of Morast‘s debut demo, originally released last year. The German band is dedicated to a form of death doom rather harsh and with a propensity to sludge that reminds me not a little the first Disbelief, even for the growl suffered exhibited by vocalist F, in analogy to that of Karsten J├Ąge in the magnificent Worst Enemy. The record lasts a little more than 25 minutes, enough to understand Morast‘s remarkable potential, well expressed through a sound constantly full of tension, maybe not too varied but certainly effective, especially in the excellent Cold Side Of Bliss and Purging, tracks filled with a repressed anger that seems always on the verge of exploding but that is held within a compact compositional skeleton, a little less in the equally valid, but lower in intensity, Alleingang and Error. A band to keep in high regard, waiting for the first full length that should be released in the first half of 2017.

2015 – Independent 2016 – Totenmusik