A prelude to the great loss: to tell the moods that accompany this tragic moment we need one of the greatest modern singers of all that represents the pain, existential discomfort, despair and alienation of those who are condemned, despite themselves, to spend their lives on this planet. His name is Déhà, we have tested it too many times and in changing forms to have doubts about its value, and also this time it does not disappoint, using as a means one of his many projects, Yhdarl, where he accompanies the French musician Larvalis Lethæus. The moniker in question is the most prolific incarnation of the Belgian musician and, perhaps, also the one in which he can really fully enclose all his dark visions, because, listening carefully to A Prelude To The Great Loss, you can pick up nuances from his other projects, which are expressed as always in an admirable way. The ep gives a total of half an hour of music, divided into two tracks complementary but different in approach and intensity: the paroxysmal fury that often marks Unblessed Hands is symptomatic of a pain that seems to find no way out and is the meeting point between the destructive fury of COAG, the nihilism of Merda Mundi and the angry dismay of Imber Luminis, while the emotional impact caused by Primal Disgrace is quite different, where the blunt pain of Slow ideally merges with the melancholic poetry of We All Die (Laughing). All this is accompanied by the changing and always convincing interpretation of Déhà and the heartbreaking vocals of Larvalis Lethæus, a disturbing element in an area that already has very little of reassuring and comfortable. Yhdarl represent the umpteenth epiphany of a talent for which a kind of expressive compulsiveness does not go minimally to the detriment of the quality of the different proposals, something that has few equals in the recent history of music, not only in the metal one.

2016 – Independent