The first encounter with Bosque dates back to late 2013, when I found myself talking about Nowhere, the second full length released by the Portuguese one man band. That work struck me for the suffocating atmosphere that distinguished it, giving up almost entirely to alleviate the suffering caused by funeral doom thanks to some prolonged melodic hints; almost three years later, DM returns to make people talk about him with Beyond, a work that appears from the beginning definitely different from its predecessor. In fact, the opener Calling The Rain shows a propensity for a sound in which the melody, as mentioned almost banished in Nowhere, becomes predominant in the construction of the songs, through slow and painful guitar riffs, always and in any case linked by a well-defined harmonic development. The guitar also gives solo passages, obviously without virtuosity but essentially aimed at remarking the painful pace of a work in which even the voice, used with a clean range even if slightly filtered, appears a real lament that fully supports the mood of the album. The three long tracks are all of good level, even if the use of more defined sounds at melodic level shows some imperfection, starting from the voice that, surely, is the aspect on which it would be desirable to intervene in the future; everything is however compensated by an attitude and a composition ability that make Beyond a valid work, able to be appreciated by funeral lovers even if maybe, compared to Nowhere, a certain peculiarity is less.

2016 – Dunkelheit Produktionen