Self-Hatred – Theia

About two years have passed since the review of the debut of Et Moriemur, Czech band able to insert itself with authority among the most promising realities of the melodic doom death, and today it’s up to another band coming from that nation to try to make its way. They are Self-Hatred, who have two elements in common with their compatriots, drummer Michael Datel Rak and guitarist Aleš Vilingr, as well as the same feeling in expressing their musical inclinations. Compared to Et Moriemur, Self-Hatred differ mainly in some details, among which the most obvious is the use of an abrasive scream alternating with growl, by the good Kaťas, both of female vocals effective when they are limited to interventions in Natalie Koskinen style, a little ‘less when they indulge in prolonged lyrical warbles. Overall, the disc is very good, thanks to a series of songs performed and produced without smearing, including the opener Guilt, from the suffocating traits in the beginning and in the conclusion, Slither, gratified by a dramatic melodic line, and the final Memories, a track that proves emblematic of a compositional talent far from negligible. It ‘s always good to remember that in this genre nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, so Theia appears solidly imbued with the tragic mood of Swallow The Sun as well as the melancholy lyricism of Saturnus, deserving the acclaim of fans, as often happens for releases branded Solitude. Taking into account also the last splendid work of Quercus, Self-Hatred demonstrate how, in the Czech metal scene, certain sounds are finding more and more space with releases of absolute quality.

2016 – Solitude Productions