Dwell – Desolation Psalms

Interesting release for the Danish band Dwell, which publishes this ep of four tracks two years after their first long-distance album. The death doom of the band from Aarhus is dry, much more devoted to the first of the two components, but without disdaining slowdowns or melodic openings marked by a good guitar work. In this sense emerges as the most effective track Teeth Gnawing, marked by an accelerated rhythm, as well as the opener March Of The Leeches, while the real 100% doom track is the final and darker None But My Bones (The Inevitable Absence Of Time is instead a beautiful instrumental of ambient nature). Nothing to tear your hair out but not even a work to be underestimated: Desolation Psalms enjoys a good overall test, with a rough and effective vocal interpretation by Jens B. Pedersen and a melancholic guitar touch by Morten Adsersen. Dwell are reported for their impact, enhanced by a high-level production, an event that is anything but accidental also for the experience of the musicians involved: for all these reasons the ep should be listened to in projection of a new full length.

2017 – Rex Bagude