Underworld of Khorrendus is the first recording appearance of the Russian Mohraang, yet another one man band struggling with the funeral sort at the hands of Maahzur Phalmorg. Putting together all these strange names just mentioned, which apparently have no real correspondence or at least literary, the impression is that Khorrendus, Mohraang and Phalmorg represent places, people and things that are part of an imaginary world created by ours. Much more real and consistent, however, is the musical aspect, centered on a funeral ambient rather minimal but constantly pervaded by an atmosphere with anxiogenic effects, in the light of a rhythmic and compositional development that from its reiteration reaches the objectives set. Being a first release, Underworld of Khorrendus is a possible starting point to produce something more articulated, even if the name Mohraang already earns its right of citizenship among the realities of discrete importance in the funeral field.

2016 – Endless Winter