Hollow is a short ep that is the debut step of the Finnish The Ghost I’ve Become. Being a work immersed hands and feet in the gothic death doom melodic, the geographical origin of its authors automatically refers to the essential Swallow The Sun, but it would be reductive to limit oneself to this simple comparison, especially when the compositional level exhibited is very high as in this case. It’s worth noting, in fact, how the band from the north of Finland (Oulu, in the upper part of the Gulf of Bothnia) in these intense twenty minutes certainly put to use the lesson of the influential compatriots, but also taking the right from the American school (Daylight Dies) and exhibiting a melodic taste and a sensitivity of touch that refers to the great Hamferð. It follows that, thanks to this admirable stylistic synthesis, this short ep promises to be the likely epiphany of another star in the panorama of extreme doom: the Finnish quintet shows a very solid technique, at the service of a compositional style that does not provide for interlocutory passages but only moments full of melancholic pathos. It’s worth noting the presence in the line-up of Waltteri Väyrynen, a young drummer who since this year is a permanent member of no less than Paradise Lost, which argues in favor of technical skills above average, but his companions are not less, starting from the talented Jomi Kyllönen, at ease with both evocative clean vocals with a rocky growl. A fleeting work for duration but valuable for content: The Ghost I’ve Become is a beautiful moniker for a band whose first test on long distance could soon upset the hierarchies of the genre.

2016 – Independent