Dool – Oweynagat

By dint of speaking well of everything that is churned out under the Prophecy label, someone may even think that I am in the pay of my almost namesake Stefan, who is responsible for the German label. In reality, the only benefit that I (and with me all music fans) get is to come across excellent albums from established realities, or have the opportunity to discover fresh and dazzling news like these Dool. This is a quintet from Rotterdam, in which several musicians who are already well known in the Dutch rock metal scene, such as vocalist Ryanne Van Dorst (Elle Bandita), drummer Micha Haring and bassist Jacob Van De Zande (The Devil’s Blood) and guitarists Reinier Vermeulen (The New Media) and Nick Polak (Gold) have come together. Oweynagat is a single that prepares the ground for the full length planned for the beginning of 2017, but it’s enough to make the most attentive listeners raise their antennae: in fact, the song, which ranges from punk rock of which the vocalist is the bearer, up to dark wave and alternative metal, turns out to be really brilliant for intensity and melody; the convincing interpretation of Van Dorst is supported by a great work of the band, which is finalized in the beautiful final guitar crescendo. But it doesn’t end here: the song is reproposed immediately after in an acoustic version (with the subtitle Inside The Cave Of The Cat), succeeding in appearing even superior to the original one: the rarefied atmospheres, another magnificent vocal test and an arrangement of rare elegance disorient, amaze and disturb at the same time. We just have to wait for the first long-distance test of Dool: the premises portend something special.

2016 – Prophecy Productions