Lelantos is the solo project of Bruno Braga, musician from Rio Grande Do Sul already active in the gothic In Absenthia, at his debut with the full length Akrasia. If Lelanto is identified by several scholars of Greek myths as one of the Titans, son of Uranus and Gaea, god of the air and therefore somehow associated with intangibility, acrasia is in psychology the term that indicates the inability to act, often associated with a state of mental weakness, which leads those who suffer the consequences to a form of self-isolation very close to intangibility. Braga returns all this in an admirable way and, net of an instrumental intro objectively redundant, puts itself in the wake of the work of the best bands in the genre (the influence of Shape Of Despair materializes often, especially in the cadenced parts and, if you will, even for the contribution of female vocals).

2016 – Eclipsys Lunarys Productions