Third album for the Hungarian Winterheart, a band that ventures with an atmospheric black metal but with traits often very close to depressive. In fact, the sense of despair that is evoked with good continuity by the group of Budapest is accentuated by vocals that, in more than one case, show a clear dsbm mold, sometimes pushed to excess as in Kill Me. Compared to certain styles of the genre is less a certain minimalism, so we find a relatively dynamic sound and enhanced by a production up to the standards required. This allows you to fully enjoy the different nuances, first of all a good guitar work that is not limited to the usual tremolo offering, instead, more than one remarkable cue of solo or acoustic matrix. Among the tracks stands out Cancer, thanks to a varied trend and close to the attitude of the older works of Nocte Obducta, and the following Forgive Me, from the painful procession marked by a beautiful melodic line, but are not to be underestimated even the other tracks, such as Aldozat, sung in mother tongue.  In short, Nothingness is really a valuable work that fully carries out its task, that is to drag the listener into the whirlpool of nihilistic despair of which the sounds of Winterheart are imbued.

2016 – Independent