With God Eat God recurring names return; in fact, the band having today its base in St. Petersburg was founded by Anton Rosa (vc, ts, bs) and Casper (Dmitry Rishko, vl) – both part of the gothic doom band Dominia – and by Daniel Neagoe. The demo released in 2013, even if it shows which title is Demo 2012, shows an interesting attempt to make even more funereal the sounds of My Dying Bride, to which God Eat God will tend even later, given the use of the violin and the clean style of Rosa, very close to Stainthorpe. After a few years, enlisted the drummer Pavel Lohnin, always of Dominia, and the inevitable Dèhà, Abandonment comes out, work with respect to which, given the cast, are created considerable expectations, maintained only partially despite its objective goodness; in fact, in more than one step the feeling is that the musicians try to combine the gothic doom of Dominia with the funeral melodic of Eye Of Solitude, without that this amalgam is reached in an impeccable way. The album lives of interesting flashes and obtains an abundant sufficiency thanks to the competence of the musicians, but the feeling that much more can be done is difficult to drive away.

2016 – GS Productions