If you don’t have in your ropes the inspiration to produce something really innovative (which happens anyway rarely), you have at least the moral obligation to put all the possible intensity in the music you propose. The above is what happens to a band like the U.S.A. Whores., who launch themselves with a rabid approach and in a spasmodic way in a race that razes to the ground everything it meets. The band from Atlanta is at its debut full length, which comes after some ep, without having failed to put in the field the hay represented by a consistent live activity, with the opportunity to share the stage with the best bands of the stars and stripes noise rock scene. The result is tangible: Gold. is an album that explodes without getting lost in too many preambles and, even if it slightly exceeds half an hour in length, its reduced length is enough, since such intensity would be even difficult to sustain longer. Punk, rock, noise and, to a lesser extent, sludge, converge into a single conduit in the form of thunderous noise that, when it comes out, is transformed by assuming a musical semblance equally enjoyable and always marked by a well-defined common thread. Here lies the beauty: even if the Georgians seem to be dragged, at first glance, by an animalistic instinct, in fact the fruit of their efforts is a dozen tracks well thought out and built with sagacity, among which the boredom does not peep for a moment. Ghost Trash, Of Course You Do and I See You Also Wearing A Black Shirt are some of the most effective devices thrown on the crowd by the “whores” of Atlanta. A frightening blow from a band that could carve out since now a really important space.

2016 – eOne