Urfaust – Empty Space Meditation

The Dutch duo Urfaust has been active for over a decade and, during this time, has produced a large number of releases from the small number of minutes (ep and split albums) and three full lengths, among which the last is this Empty Space Meditation. The label of atmospheric black ambient that accompanies the music IX and VRDRBR is quite appropriate but, all in all, also reductive, since the sound is definitely composite and aimed at the creation of airy and evocative passages, sometimes streaked with violent accelerations which are counterbalanced by drone pulses that, however, do not weigh down the work as a whole. Empty Space Meditation consists of six tracks entitled Meditatum, numbered from I to VI, and gives us the idea of an album that, however, should be listened to as a single stream of sound in which converge various and often conflicting feelings, where spirituality and nihilism go hand in hand without eliding each other. From all this comes out a forty minutes of great thickness, in which the emotionality comes from an atmospheric and often slowed down pace at the borders of doom, with the accent placed on a vocal interpretation by IX maybe not always orthodox, but with undoubted communicative skills. As a symbolic song I choose the sulphurous unrolling of Meditatum IV, with its almost tetragonal proceeding, accompanied by the vocals of IX that become gradually more ungainly and desperate: these are the Urfaust in their less immediate and accommodating expression, able to further shore up an excellent album with V, a song that seems at times a reworking in a metallic guise of Bauhaus and Christian Death of the golden age, and with the final, magnificent, VI, in which is the sitar that gives a very special aura to atmospheres already sufficiently introspective. Having said IX, who takes care of practically all the instrumental and vocal work, it should be noted the fundamental work of VRDRBR on drums, an aspect often underestimated in the works of mainly soloist matrix, being entrusted to a colder drum machine. The human element here is felt and makes a difference, giving variety and non-trivial rhythms to a sound that sails inspired and equipped with an objective peculiarity. Empty Space Meditation is a really convincing work: deep but not too difficult to understand, by a name perhaps little known but able to carve out an important space among the fans of metal sounds less obvious.

2016 – Ván Records