Abysmal Grief – 20th Anniversary Box

Twenty years have already passed since when, in some corner of Genoa, someone decided to put in music the representation of death, making the doom material something deeply liturgical and dissecting everything connected with the moment of death, without leaving aside, however, a subtle vein of black humor. Abysmal Grief would have become later the real priests of the tricolor horror occult metal in the new millennium, acquiring a cult status recognized outside the borders, thanks to a peculiar sound that combines the gothic Fields of the Nephilim to the rhythmic cadence of doom, with the decisive introduction of that tasty horror component that in Italy has no equal thanks to names such as Death SS and Antonius Rex, among others. The anniversary is so celebrated with the publication (November 2) of a box in the shape of a coffin, containing the CD Reveal Nothing… and the cassette Mors Te Audit, containing the second demo made at the time in a limited edition of 13 copies. The operation turns out to be as exhaustive as ever, as the CD contains in fact all the songs recorded by Abysmal Grief that have never been included in their full length: we find, therefore, a spectacular sequence of tracks related to the myriad of singles and split albums that ours have never skimped in all these years. A real pleasure for those who love this particular form of music and is irresistibly attracted by what, normally, in ordinary people causes terror or repulsion and, in the end, the trick is all here: playing with death to exorcise the natural fear and somehow make more acceptable its looming. That said, we can only honor this band by making their own this precious product that, in addition to the original packaging, allows you to enjoy listening to a series of magnificent songs, from the unreleased Cursed Be The Rite, perfectly in line with the recent production, from the rhythms more pressing and less doom in its imprint, a difference that is also captured, however, in an obvious way, listening immediately after Exsequia Occulta, the superb track dating back to 2000, through the horror climax corresponding to Creatures Fron The Grave (taken from the split of 2004 with Tony Tears). In short, a must-have collection for fans of Abysmal Grief, as well as an ideal way to approach their funereal art for those who still guilty not knew them.

2016 – Terror from Hell Records