Even the small Luxembourg has joined the list of nations involved in funeral doom thanks to Tranqvillitas Maris of Daniel Paiva and the two full lengths published in 2011 and 2016. The first of these, The Longing, despite a sound rendering that testifies to the amateur approach of the musician from the Grand Duchy, proves to be a work of merit that, thanks to the ideal writing for the genre, allows you to gloss over the various imperfections that occur within the various tracks. The interpretation of the funeral genuine and unadorned, although referable to the usual known levels of inspiration (Mournful Congregation, Esoteric) and oriented to the search for emotions to share with the listener, makes the album a sort of raw gem remained clogged in the indistinct mesh of underground metal cause total lack of disclosure. Unfortunately, these excellent premises do not find the desired realization in the next work The Glorious Demise of All Life, released five years later, in which is exacerbated a certain minimalism and the use of a clean voice at the vocal level mainly Stainthorpe-like – which in a different context from My Dying Bride is likely to have a boomerang effect – to the detriment of the peaks of involvement obtained with The Longing, without even highlighting a natural improvement in the purely technical and instrumental aspect.

2016 – Independent