Second full length for the Catalans Barbarian Swords, a band able to offer a rather interesting interpretation of black metal, bastardizing it with a massive dose of doom. Worms is an album that shows, deliberately, the less politically correct aspects of metal, with its search for effect passages that emphasize assorted brutality (witness the titles of songs like The Last Virgin On The Earth, Sodomized or Carnivorous Pussy, which do not leave much room for misunderstanding). That said, the work of the band turns out to be interesting, certainly not tedious and, made all the necessary proportions and replacing the thrash component with the black one, Worms reminds not a little for modus operandi that Slow, Deep And Hard which was the first disruptive album of Type 0 Negative. It’s good to specify that the similarities stop at the alternation between deadly rages and slowdowns and, above all, at the ostentatious misogyny of their interpreters, because they are two works that are far from being able to be approached each other for importance and value, but not for this, however, Worms should be underestimated or put in oblivion. In fact, Barbarian Swords carry out their task at their best, taking their worst perversions to their extreme consequences without setting themselves any particular limits, neither ethical nor musical: the result is a dirty album, bad and pervaded by a thread of black humour, with remarkable tracks such as Christian Worms (which, even if only in the title, recalls another historical track of Steele’s band such as Christian Woman) or The Last Virgin On The Earth, Sodomized, not to mention the interminable doom nightmare of Requiem. Maybe the band from Barcelona lacks only the gift of synthesis, because seventy minutes of this tenor could be indigestible for many, excluding doom fans who do not disdain truculent and grotesque atmospheres.

2016 – Satanath Records / The Ritual Productions 2017 – Cimmerian Shade Recordings

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