Second full length for the German Blacksmoker, a band formed by experienced musicians coming from different realities of the Teutonic stoner sludge scene. Rupture is not a work that is lost in preambles, and the excellent title track is the ideal business card, useful to understand that the reaction against what doesn’t work at best in today’s society can also be expressed through a strong music, but never without a certain groove combined with a good melodic impact. In fact, if we can talk about sludge with good reason, Blacksmoker‘s sludge is more inclined towards stoner and heavy metal, in this sense close to the American school, rather than oriented to the leaden slowdowns or to the roughness of hardcore that are often inherent in the European school. The rhythms are mostly sustained and the songs are almost always equipped with memorable chorus, among which stands the magnificent Ouroboros 68, with a successful guitar solo of heavy matrix. Rupture is a compelling work from the first to the last minute, thanks to a linear writing that, hardly, is lost in experimental or noisy rivulets that are cleverly confined in the final track Room 101, certainly different from the rest of the tracklist but not for this lower level. The feeling is that Blacksmoker are a potential war machine live, by virtue of their heavy and direct approach, and I’m convinced that the walls of sound that the quartet of Wurzburg appears to be able to erect with good continuity will reap several victims. A really convincing album for those who are never tired of listening to stoner sludge.

2016 – Voice of Azram / Beerfuzz Records