Wyrding – Wyrding

The band from Wisconsin called Wyrding is the author of a remarkable self-titled album in which the funeral matter is spread in a less predictable way or at least with the inclusion of elements of discontinuity. The group, formed by Troy Schafer (vocals), Bret Hartl (keyboards), Brian Steele (drums), Jerry McDougal (bass) and Kyle Roessler (guitar), offers a very slow sound, with linear and atmospheric melodic textures that form the basis for the vocal interpretation of Schafer, who expresses himself with different tones, giving to the whole an evocative aura, especially when he uses liturgical tones. Perhaps the scores are not always flawless in terms of execution, but they convey a widespread melancholy feeling that is not alien to the past neo-folk Schafer; in general, the ethereal traits that takes on in several parts of the sound and its distinct independence from the stylistic elements of funeral make this album a delicious fruit for connoisseurs.

2016 – Independent