Reissue for the ep and debut album for this Ukrainian band that, with Eschatology Of War, releases one of the best concept albums ever made about the First World War. From the charges of the Italian Arditi to the Zeppelin bombing raids via the Ottoman Empire, this album offers a different and very close view of what was one of the worst massacres in history. Behind the retro and elegant veneer of propaganda, millions fell in truly extreme fronts, due to battles that resulted in ancestral bodies to bodies, either killed by gas or overwhelmed by bombs. In Europe almost every family had a veteran or a casualty at the front, I myself had a relative who lived to death with a bullet in his chest, a memory of a battle in Trentino. 1914 make a genre of their own, which lies between black and death, but goes beyond both, going beyond war metal to enter directly into our hearts and minds. With 1914 we are directly in the battlefield, with their fantastic metal that also ranges into doom or sludge, depending on the moment but above all on our emotional needs. Along with this reissue we also find the band’s first ep, now unobtainable, which gives a precise figure of their prowess and their particular style, also including a very very special cover of Nirvana’s Something On The Way. Very beautiful records, where the absurdities of war, but above all the many absurdities of our lives, are explored through impressive and very fascinating historical and musical research. If you go to their facebook page you will find very interesting material on the First World War. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 2/1/2017)

2017 – Mazzar Records