Looking at the line-up of A Sun Traverse, a Danish band making its debut with this self-titled ep, those who love Saturnus and know their history inside out will certainly have had a jolt: in fact, with the exception of vocalist Michel H. Andersen, all the other musicians involved in the project were responsible for the recording of that masterpiece entitled Veronika Decides To Die (2006). So it is difficult to expect from this group something different from a melodic death doom with wide atmospheric openings and so it is, since in about 25 minutes the sextet from Copenhagen puts on stage what is naturally in its ropes. Apart from the two instrumental tracks, it is the case to dwell on the other three tracks, among which the opener Still Shining has a more animated trend, presenting rhythms not even too slow, while not skimping on the usual guitar progressions.  Much more Saturnusian is Dance Darkness, Dance introduced by The Meadow: here we can recognize some of the typical coordinates such as the piano, which makes its appearance in the intro and in some parts of the song, and the magnificent guitar solo. Even The Autumn Of Fall sprinkles the air with magnificent and sorrowful meloids, pushing more on the rhythmic plan and finding somehow a sort of trait d’union between Saturnus and Swallow The Sun, also thanks to the scream sometimes used by the good Andersen. Very nice the final track, an instrumental with really disturbing traits, which seals a short work but that portends the emergence of a new reality able to provide emotions in industrial quantities to fans of melodic death doom.

2017 – Mighty Music