The Ruins Of Beverast is a solo project of Alexander Von Meilenwald, who has been shaking the dreams of extreme metal fans for almost fifteen years. The black doom of the German musician has always been characterized by its non homologation to the canons of reference genres, placing itself constantly one step ahead of the established positions. There is no exception to this ep entitled Takitum Tootem!, with which our allows himself a deeper exploration of even more experimental territories, letting his music be enveloped by a ritual and psychedelic flow. The first of the two tracks depicts, as the title itself suggests, a sort of shamanic ritual that continues in the initial phase and then flow into a track that has industrial nuances, by virtue of a mood obsessive (which could remember some things remotely of the best Ministry), ideal continuation of the invocation-prayer heard earlier: these eight abundant minutes constitute a musical expression of great thickness and depth, so much so that when the sound flow suddenly stops, it causes a sort of decompensation to the mind, by now accustomed to that insidious hammering. The void is soon filled by the masterful cover of a milestone of psychedelia, the pinkfloydian Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, which is made in a very personal way while maintaining the basic imprint, but obviously giving it a structure more harsh and, if possible, even more obsessive; the idea of making it fade in the same ritual invocation that was the incipit of the first song gives the whole a circular trend, creating a sort of loop if you set the player in “repeat all” mode. An operation certainly valid, for which will then be verified the possible impact on the future production of The Ruins Of Beverast: certainly this ep appears anything but a filler, as it fully demonstrates the value and potential of a musician of higher than average level.

2016 – Ván Records