Wolvennest – WLVNNST featuring Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church of the Leading Hand

Wolvennest arrive on tiptoe to suddenly illuminate this beginning of 2017 with an album of rare beauty. The band gathers a handful of Belgian musicians to which is added, with a sonic and compositional contribution, no less than Albin Julius (Der Blutharsch), one of the greatest exponents of what was at the end of the last century the martial neo folk scene. The result is something amazing, because the sound in this work unfolds from a base basically not far from doom, and then develop towards atmospheric coordinates that lead him to sail well above the definitions of the genre. The Belgian combo, as expected, does not stick to a predictable song form, letting the music flow now solemn, as in the opener Unreal, now more oriented to a form of enveloping ambient (Partir), arriving at a form of obsessive rituality in Out Of Darkness Deep, a track possessed by a psychedelic guitar that goes beyond twenty minutes of duration. The vocal interventions, entrusted to the keyboardist Shazzula, are measured and effective, constituting basically the only subtle link to a certain type of doom to Jex Thoth-Blood Ceremony, by virtue of his particular vocal timbre, but ours are basically a band capable of expressing the best of their musical feeling through diluted and often experimental instrumental parts, in more than one case approaching even the kraut rock. The first work of Wolvennest is a test of thickness well beyond the average, as it has the gift of not tedious despite being characterized by a reduced usability, and could find support across genres, provided that the listener is willing to be submerged for almost an hour by this wave of sound.

2016 – Ván Records