Born from the fervid creativity of James Scott, a character who moves in various guises in the underground metal scene in London, Cyclocosmia is a duo that sees the British musician also joined by another multifaceted artist like Aliki Katriou (who is also responsible for the direction of the magnificent video of Immured Part II). The ep Immured, which follows the debut album Deadwood, on which the voice was instead entrusted to Lorena Franceschini, could only be, with these premises, a small jewel of music with a high evocative rate, with a doom base on which Scott goes to graft a powerful drama of symphonic orchestral style. The use of vocals is one of the cornerstones of the work, as the versatility of Katriou, capable of ranging over different ranges, perfectly supports the evolution of the instrumental parts that range from acoustic moments and other more angry, but always wrapped in an aura suspended between solemnity and drama. Immured is resolved in a little more than a quarter of an hour of spasmodic intensity, in deference to a concept of great impact as it can be the one dedicated to the condition of a Roman vestal, walled up alive for violating the vow of chastity. If the previous full length had already shown the enormous potential of this project, the ep in question reinforces the status, giving rise to a spontaneous desire to listen to new music signed Cyclocosmia as soon as possible.

2017 – Independent