Asofy is the musical project of Tryfar, a multifaceted artist also known as a graphic designer. In 2013 we had the opportunity to talk about the previous full length Percezione, a work that had left more than one positive feeling; today we find again the musician from Lombardy with Nessun Luogo, a record that sees him working alone without the help of Empio on vocals. The concept revolves around the neighborhood where Tryfar grew up and the transformations it has undergone over time, a typical phenomenon of all suburbs, destined to lose with time the remnant of identity that they retained a few decades ago, not having yet been fully incorporated by large cities or invaded by its infrastructure. In the work there are no nostalgic feelings or particular forms of regret due to the changes: Tryfar’s seems to be a sort of musical accompaniment put in the background while you flip through an album of photographs that portray a neighborhood in different historical periods: there is no empathy even in noticing the inevitable change of population, seen in the same way as the cutting of a tree or the demolition of a building: the same musical pace is marked by a certain uniformity, as if Tryfar wants to emphasize its extraneousness to any form of disturbance due to changes more formal than substantial. The sound is a form of dark ambient that goes well with the themes dealt with: the arpeggios are stingy of melodic openings, favoring a sort of oppressive suspension of emotions, leaving only the long and conclusive title track accelerations and glimmers of usability to accompany the lyrics declaimed with tones that, for the most part, appear almost a whispered wheeze. Nessun Luogo is a work that raises a lot the bar compared to the previous work, and it is not necessarily that everyone will be able to cross it, sooner or later: the proposal of Asofy shines for depth and integrity but it is necessary to work it with patience and predisposition to fully grasp the lyrical and musical meaning.

2017 – Avantgarde Music