As always, from the Prophecy stable comes to us music that is never trivial and that, in most cases, forces those who approach it to an extra effort to avoid the risk of not grasping the value of the content of the various proposals of the German label. I must confess that, in the case of the debut full length of the Swedish duo Noêta, I struggled more than usual, because of the rarefied and essential sound that, especially in the initial phase of the work, sees in the foreground the psalmodizing voice of Êlea stand out on a carpet now softly percussive, now acoustic but lacking those bursts of melodic immediacy able to conquer at first hearing. But Noêta‘s music is perfectly aligned with the themes proposed at a lyrical level, so that the search for the meaning of existence, the awareness of its inscrutability and the dismay that follows, become one with sounds pervaded by a constant sense of unease. Folk, dark, ambient go to compose a fascinating picture, able to creep with inexorable slowness between the folds of the soul, leaving at the end of the listening a languid sense of emptiness that puts in stand by every feeling, pleasant or painful that is.

2018 – Prophecy Productions