Maa is the first official release of Radien, finnish sludge band. The ep consists of two tracks about a dozen minutes long that unravel, in fact, along sludge doom sounds that keep away from assorted out-of-tune, pushing more towards post-hardcore shores, accentuated by the use of a vocal tone characteristic of the latter genre. Varjot starts in a fairly canonical way, then stretching into an enveloping and menacing crescendo, while Viimeinen is much more rocky, indulging longer on the lowered and distorted riffs that the quartet of Helsinki handles with good mastery, suggesting great potential and as much room for maneuver for the future. After all, when you launch into a field like this, to make a difference you must, first of all, give your sound an intensity that will compensate with interest the reduced variety and the almost total absence of melodic outlets: Radien hit this goal at the first shot, but obviously it is necessary to wait for the proof when you take a more consistent minute.

2017 – Narcoleptica Productions