Debut EP for the French Rance, exponents of a black contiguous to depressive and imbued with a powerful load of drama. Few frills, lo fi production, voice that seems to come from an adjoining room, where the heartbreaking screams are those of a victim subjected to physical and psychic cruelty. For Rance there is no room for refinement and embroidery, their black metal is the antithesis of everything that can be done to please the casual listener or the first hour and, although placing the work in the dsbm environment may not be entirely appropriate, there is no doubt that it can find its appeal in the admirers of the subgenre. The devotion to the typical sounds of the nineties allows you to pay homage in a more faithful to the roots of the genre, but on the other hand does lose that portion of usability where it acquires, in some ways, in charm. I think that this choice penalizes Rance, because, for example, in a remarkable song like Cathy, the suffocated sounds end up watering down the intense and desperate progression, sometimes even melodic, and the same goes for the other three tracks, including the dramatic title track that, in its long development of more than ten minutes, enjoys more slow and rarefied passages. Considering that the ep is then the reissue of the demo put into circulation at the beginning of last summer, it is not to be excluded that ours, consistent with the commitments common to the four with other bands of the transalpine black scene, already have other new music in the pipeline: in this case there is a certain curiosity to see how Rance will manage to evolve, both from the stylistic point of view, both from that of the mere sound performance.

2017 – Mallevs Records