The Spanish Famishgod return with a second full length, after the good 2014 debut titled Devourers Of Light; Roots Of Darkness follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, even if here there is no lack of accelerations and relatively more open passages that go to crack the claustrophobic wall erected by the excellent Pako Daimler, responsible for all the sounds of the album with the exception of the voice, as always consisting of the terrifying rant entrusted to the well-known Dave Rotten (Avulsed, as well as owner of Xtreem Music). The coordinates remain, therefore, those of the death doom more putrescent and extreme in its procession, with few concessions to guitar passages that are not intended to darken even more the atmosphere with their ultra low tones but, as mentioned, some concessions to rhythmic and melodic level makes Roots Of Darkness if not superior, certainly less difficult to listen to than Devourers Of Light, remaining however a product prerogative of lovers of catacomb sounds along the lines of bands such as Disembowelment or Encoffination. It’s useless in these cases to search for innovative elements or brilliant ideas, what matters here is the credibility of the approach to the genre, which must first of all avoid any mannerism to be engaging: Famishgod succeeds in this because, in spite of a certain linearity, the suffocating and leaden atmospheres almost never give a break, leaving every now and then fleeting glimpses, as it happens in the final of the excellent closing track Mournful Sounds Of Death, when Daimler’s guitar takes for once more melodic and painful tones. Despite a still limited discographic production, Famishgod‘s one, in the light of this test, confirms itself as a brand able to guarantee a good quality as well as the absolute fidelity to the dictates of the darkest extreme sounds.

2016 – Xtreem Music