There are more and more albums that can be defined, more or less rightly, of ambient music that are submitted to us, both directly by their authors and by far-sighted labels such as, in this case, Club Inferno, sub label of the more metallic My Kingdom. daRKRam is the solo project of Ramon Moro, a musician from Turin whose roots are to be found in jazz and already this, in the beginning, is by force of things a distinctive element: in Stone And Death in fact, we find more than one passage in which to take the scene is the trumpet, the instrument of choice of our, which goes to create an unusual combination with the background drone. Needless to say, the ambient of daRKRam is the least reassuring to listen to: let’s forget the crystalline solutions and maybe supported by valid melodic intuitions and let’s immerse ourselves without fear, but with due respect, in this caliginous and terrifying musical territory. Moro’s approach goes far away from Eno’s music for something, to reach something more similar to the Cold Meat Industry’s releases of the last century: the sound fabric turns into a thick cobweb by which you are hopelessly wrapped and that makes you unable to react, even when reason would suggest a desperate search for escape routes. Without even realizing it, in fact, after about ten minutes you find yourself helpless and defenseless against the buzzing flow that incessantly digs into our psyche and that, in the long run, produces less visible but deeper damages than any musical expression that we would define conventionally heavy. For over an hour you are annihilated by the obsessive drip of sounds made in a perfect way, only sporadically mottled by sudden overhangs produced by the wind instruments (in Connection, especially), another element that raises Stone And Death to a level above the average of listening falling in this area: the hope is that this admirable example of dark ambient is able to reach not only those who find themselves obliged to listen to it (fortunately I would add, in my case), finding instead an adequate audience and, needless to say, more than ever open minded. In essence, this is a work in its own way magnificent, which obviously needs the help of a receptivity to listening to higher than average or, at least, the iron will to try to make their real essence.

2017 – Club Inferno