This first solo work of the musician from Nuoro Valerio Marras, aka S A R R A M, is yet another demonstration of how ambient music can be engaging and anything but perimeter to the perception of the listener. A Bolu, In C, where the “bolu” in question is the flight in the Sardinian language, is a long track that comes close to forty minutes in length, during which we find ourselves hovering above the unique scenarios that the beautiful Mediterranean island offer. Thus, the symbiosis with the 10 images produced by the photographer Bobore Frau, who has immortalized naturalistic glimpses of the Nuoro area (Barbagia and Baronia) becomes almost perfect: it is Marras’ guitar that leads us on this virtual winged journey, with the intrusion of loops and effects aimed at opening up access to the subsequent images.
The form of ambient pursued by S A R R A M is therefore rather caressing and evocative, moving along the lines of the movement of British musicians gravitating in the circle of David Sylvian in the second half of the eighties (I refer especially to the second half of the instrumental Gone To Earth).
In A Bolu, In C is an eloquent demonstration of how you can compose excellent ambient music by putting an essential instrumentation at the service of an innate compositional sensibility, without forgetting the valuable visual contribution contained in the digipack produced in 100 copies by the label Talk About Records. If it is difficult to describe in an exhaustive way the contents of a rock or metal album, let alone what concerns the ambient, by its nature a flow of sensations more than a canonical sequence of songs, so it only remains to urge those who appreciate the genre to listen to the work of the good Valerio Marras.

2018 – Talk About Records