Y’ha-Nthlei – Vol 2: YouDared Challenge the Great OldOnes. You Will Fall into the Abyss

After coming back to life with the participation in 2015 to the split album Of Poison and Grief (Four Litanies for the Deceased) together with The Blessed Hellbrigade, In Lacrimaes Et Dolor and Aphonic Threnody, Y’ha-Nthlei, with only Omrachk left at the reins of the project, release their second full length Vol 2: You Dared Challenge the Great Old Ones. You Will Fall into the Abyss, work with which the monolithic impact of the debut is even more pronounced with results still appreciable; what strikes favorably in the work of the musician from Lombardy is the ability to synthesize the best material without resorting to any particular technical or stylistic artifice. Even if we often tend to assign to the bands sources of inspiration based on the preferences mentioned by the musicians, surely this is not the case of Y’ha-Nthlei, since Marco in an interview said that the two funeral bands he prefers are Colosseum and Mistress Of The Dead, not exactly the closest to the proposed sound that, instead, is much more similar to realities such as Funeral Mourning, partly Tyranny and also Nortt, in the latter case because of a black metal background that can be perceived in some moments.

2017 – Satanarsa Records