Two years after his first release, Lorenzo Bracaloni returns with his ambient project Fallen. As I had occasion to write on the occasion of a successful work like Secrets Of The Moon, the Tuscan musician continues to develop the discourse that, in some ways, took its cue from Hidden Tales And Other Lullabies, one of the records released under the moniker The Child Of A Creek; the form of ambient that we find in No Love Is Sorrow does not differ in substance from what is contained in the previous album, being again inspired by the lesson of Kosmische Musik of the 70s (perhaps it is no coincidence that the label that publishes the album, the AOsmosis Record, is just German) but appears, if possible, even better focused. As an old admirer of that musical genre and, later, of the works of Brian Eno, especially in the company of the duo Moebius/Roedelius (aka Cluster), I can not help but appreciate every single note in this work. In recent times we have been receiving several albums that confirm how right was the choice, on the part of MetalEyes, to create a section called other sounds, so as not to preclude the possibility of being able to deal with music that has nothing to do with metal and rock, if not the common trait of being addressed to a rather select audience. The one performed by Fallen, however, has an extra gear and No Love Is Sorrow is worthy heir of the works of the greats of the past: who doubts it, listen to the title track, a track that, after a start marked by a dark electronic vein, opens in a final with poignant tones, or the beautiful Shimmering, which would have been worthy of being part of that masterpiece simply titled Cluster & Eno. This is just one example of how many arrows the musician has in his wide quiver, a guarantee that this approach goes beyond the idea of ambient music as mere background, making it especially satisfying for the listener, as it is able to open at each step always different auditory sensations. It’s hard to do better, really, because No Love Is Sorrow shines with a beauty from ancient roots that does not deserve to be obscured by any comparison or juxtaposition, even if fitting: Lorenzo Bracaloni’s musical sensitivity reveals itself once again above average, making it one of the most credible authors of ambient music today, not only in the restricted national context.

2017 – AOsmosis records