Alluring – Alluring

Alluring is the name of one of the many projects that involve Damian Master from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our, as well as keep active over a dozen bands ranging from punk to hardcore, from black to industrial and up to post-metal, often alone but sometimes in the company of other musicians, also manages the label Colloquial Sound Recordings with which, in fact, promotes and publishes albums that see him personally involved as a musician. The approach of Master to funeral doom happens in a fairly convincing way with a self-titled album that follows the taste to the matter with the demo The Room, released in 2012: the sound exhibited in the full length is obsessive but at the same time sufficiently atmospheric, with the guitar turned to the creation of valid melodic lines while the voice remained excessively confined to the background. Damian, judging by the declarations available on the net, has always offered the feeling of being an artist of depth and a keen observer of the musical world, probably destined to a fame limited to the underground level even if his main project and more prolific, A Pregnant Light (post black hardcore) is getting good feedback: this favorable impression is confirmed by the depth put in the field in his approach to funeral and, above all, by his approaching in a respectful way to a genre undervalued mostly by those who do not frequent it assiduously.

2017 – Colloquial Sound Recordings