Dool – Here Now, There Then

After getting acquainted with Dool last year, on the occasion of the release of the single Oweynagat, it was not difficult to predict that their first full length would have left its mark. The Dutch band keeps its promises and reinforces the impression, had then, to be in the presence of a group of musicians of superior level: if there could be any doubt in view of the fact that getting a single song right happens to many, then unable to maintain the same standard over long distances, was the acoustic version of the song to make me consider a real epiphany of a new talent. Oweynagat is present in Here Now, There Then only in its canonical version and the work is, in fact, completely up to its leading track: as said at the time, it should not be surprising even the fact that this work is published by a band at the debut, since the line-up sees the work rather well-known protagonists of the Dutch underground scene, including members of bands such as The Devil’s Blood and Gold, in addition to the best known Ryanne van Dorst. There’s no doubt that a vocalist so versatile and with a strong personality is a real added value, but we shouldn’t underestimate the work of her worthy traveling companions, really fine musicians. Even Dool, like other bands recently treated, are difficult to categorize, but to say that their sound, broadly speaking, winds along doom, dark and psychedelic coordinates would not be a mistake, although not entirely appropriate. The beauty of Here Now, There Then is also in its changing tones from one track to another, with episodes dragging and development in progressive crescendo, such as the opener Vantablack and the aforementioned Oweynagat, others perhaps more airy and incisive chorus (Golden Serpents and In Her Darkest Hour), to get to songs that refer in a more decisive way to the dark gothic (She Goat) or the dark atmosphere of doom (The Alpha). The proposal of Dool is deep without trespassing in brain solutions, and everything is performed in an exemplary manner: the marked variety of sound does not become synonymous with dispersion, but it turns out to be the decisive element to make Here Now, There Then a work suitable for listeners from different backgrounds. Dool, even though they still have a short history, are already getting important feedback and attention that will certainly bring them to occupy prestigious positions in several summer festivals, first of all at Prophecy Fest at the end of July: there is really nothing fortuitous in all this.

2017 – Prophecy Productions