Cult Of Divine Mercy – Hempgnosis

Michael Mosher belongs to that category of hyperactive characters in which we frequently come across and among his many projects there are several related to the funeral, with the particularity of being imbued at the conceptual level of a Christian message, not in the most orthodox sense of the term maybe, but certainly antithetical to the issues addressed by the vast majority of bands, at least of extreme matrix. The first exhibition of such propensities, called Cult Of Divine Mercy, takes place in 2015 with Jesus, I Trust in You, followed in the same year by five other full lengths pre-titled Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, although the work that best photographs the project is Hempgnosis of 2017, when the funeral doom takes shape in a complete form compared to the drone that marked what was produced two years earlier. From what it has been possible to draw from the musician’s blog, the album was composed and realized in a phase in which drugs and alcohol had a certain weight within the creative process (the cover, where stands an image between the sacred and the profane surrounded by a cannabis plantation is quite eloquent in this regard), but musically the sound appears far from drugged, maintaining its linearity and a strong sense of melody, while not being crystal clear in its sound rendering.

2017 – Independent