Dates back to the turn of the century the first appearance of Daybreak, who, beyond the intrinsic value of their work, contribute in their own small way to take a stab at the collective imagination that portrays the metal fan as an unlettered lout, traceable also to the presence of a minority that during concerts seems to do everything to reinforce this thesis. Heath Benjamin Adams and Warren Hately, who in their everyday lives work as teachers and journalists, respectively, decided in the past decade to put their hands back on the band formed at the beginning of the millennium and oriented toward a more classic form of doom. If that release already appears imbued with ours’ love for an author such as Nietszche, the new delivery dated 2017 leaves no doubt about the themes covered right from the title, Philosophia I. The German philosopher is revisited by the duo by cloaking his theories with a funeral of great melodic and emotional depth: the works of the Prussian thinker thus find a way to be divulged through an unusual but impressive vehicle, in the form of more than an hour of majestic and engaging music.

2017 – Independent