Interesting work by this American band dedicated to an atmospheric black metal with strong depressive nuances. Three tracks for about half an hour of good music are the turnover of this self-titled album, published by Hypnotic Dirge: even if the moniker None is certainly not one of those that are remembered in an imperishable way and the genre played is fairly inflated, the work gives with good continuity those sounds oscillating between melancholy and despair, fishing with a certain balance between the two souls that come together in the compositions. The depressive black takes the field especially when it’s the heartbreaking scream to occupy the scene, while the atmospheric component prevails in the purely instrumental moments; moreover, the cover is quite indicative of what we can expect from the music of the mysterious band from Portland, so the scenarios exhibited correspond to the sense of cold and desolation that sooner or later everyone perceives trying to dig deep inside himself. Beyond the reduced potential for innovation, an album of this type is always a pleasure to listen to, especially when it is played and composed with all the rules and with due intensity, and without getting lost in too many interlocutory steps. None does not represent anything that can overturn the hierarchies of underground metal but it is definitely a listen that will not disappoint those who love this kind of sound.

2017 – Hypnotic Dirge Records