Ruin – Ruin

First appearance for the Canadian Ruin, authors of a melodic death doom of good workmanship. The intent to offer an interpretation much more melancholic than pervaded by dramatic moods, by the duo from the Olympic Calgary, is rather uncovered, so it’s more the pleasantness of the whole to hit the listener instead of the use of leaden sounds or veined with dramatic tones. This, if on the one hand gives a good usability to the work, on the other hand makes it lose a little depth, perhaps preventing it from leaving a more marked mark. As a matter of fact, when the sound is more enveloped by dark and restless tones, the album undergoes a remarkable shake: an eloquent example is the excellent The Core, whose darker trend reminds Doomed’s work, especially in the guitar sound; anyway, the approach of the two Canadian guys is very valid as a whole, just because the work appears well built and always pleasant in its linearity (not to be confused with banality). In addition to the song already mentioned, are remarkable the more robust and emotionally impacting cues, exhibited in Beyond Good And Evil and Withering Of Gaia, and the softly funereal melodies of the conclusive A Distant View; good and appropriate the alternate use of growl and clean vocals, even if the latter can be improved, while the instrumental performance is quite clear, taking advantage also of a satisfactory production. Ultimately, the first work of Ruin is certainly valid, maybe not yet at the height of the best expressions of the genre, but full of interesting ideas that make reasonably believe the two musicians of Alberta in possession of all the means to affect, with even more effectiveness and conviction, than already exhibited positively in this occasion.

2016 – Loneravn Records