Tod Huetet Uebel – N.A.D.A.

Tod Huetet Uebel is one of several bands that contribute to make the Lusitanian black metal scene increasingly fresh and exciting. After 2015’s full length, the duo composed of Daniel C. and Marcos M. comes back with a twenty-minute ep made up of just two tracks of decidedly different lengths, with the second of these (Da) alone taking up practically the entire space of the work. Unlike other bands recently treated, Tod Huetet Uebel appear much more moved towards a form of black more exasperated, bordering on depressive: it follows a much more complex listening, resulting from a modus operandi that banishes all or almost the melody, moving from obsessive outbursts, marked by the incessant screams of Marcos, to sudden slowdowns that bring everything back to an ambient matrix. The first and shortest track, , is above all a furious expression of compositional urgency, with a mood between desperate and apocalyptic that will then be conveyed in the much longer and jagged final track. It is not at all trivial for a black band to push a single song on similar minute-lengths, but it is certainly not the courage to do defect to Tod Huetet Uebel, and so that, between fields of time due to braking alternating with paroxysmal acceleration, always overhung by the heartbroken vocals of those who have no tomorrow, N.A.D.A. reveals itself as another substantial piece placed to shore up a movement, surprising only for those who are less inclined to grasp the signs of vitality coming from musical realities considered (wrongly) at the margins of the international scene.

2017 – Caverna Abismal Records