Funeralium – Of Throes And Blight

Born from a rib of Ataraxie, Funeralium have been successfully pursuing a form of extreme funeral doom for over a decade. The French band have made a negative approach their strong point, forgoing melodic or atmospheric cues to focus on the sense of inevitability that grips us. The voice used more often, not by chance, is a scream of depressive matrix rather than the usual growl, to emphasize a more angry restlessness or even better imbued with an uncircumscribed resentment. When the first descent into the underworld of the human psyche titled Slowly We Crawl Towards Crumb ends, almost half an hour of suffocating funeral has passed to the nth power, only a little bit hardened by traces of black, and still another hour of tearing sounds awaits us, now leaving us in a state of anguished suspension, now evoking the weeping and gnashing of teeth of apocalyptic memory. Of Throes And Blight is an agony made interminable by a total duration that no sane person could consider reasonable, but neither Funeralium nor those who decide to abandon themselves to the delirium caused by these four monoliths erected to madness belong to this category. A magnificent record, but to be handled with extreme care even by those who frequent sound shores contiguous to funeral doom.

2017 – Weird Truth Productions / Caligari Records