Façade – Loathe

From the fertile Dutch scene here comes a new interesting band dedicated to death doom. Actually, Façade are not exactly newly minted, being already active for several years and with an ep behind them in 2013, but Loathe is the first full length that, in fact, goes to place the name among the most exciting European realities. Even with the minimum deviations that the genre allows, the band from Dordrecht succeeds in offering a work from the stylistic figure rather personal, ending up not to resemble in a particular way to any of the names of reference in the industry. Loathe moves between the rhythms slowed down as per script but shaken by rhythmic jolts capable of capturing, even if you can not help but detect a vein grafted post metal with good fluidity in the sound: often, in fact, liquid and more rarefied passages are the counterbalance to the roughness soaked in painful melodic sense, with the interpretation of the excellent Ben De Graaff (called to lend his voice also in the new reincarnation of the historical Phlebotomized) that, in compensation, almost never derogates from a deep and incisive growl. The album shows no weaknesses, winding along six tracks equally convincing and fully enhanced by the not so usual contribution of three guitars, which provide both a full-bodied rhythmic contribution and solos of fine workmanship, to dot a tracklist made of seven long tracks among which stand out the dramatic Insanity Restored and Departure, shining emotional peaks of an excellent work in all respects. Façade are another remarkable band that goes to add yet another piece to a genre such as funeral death doom, the preserve of a few intimates here in Italy but capable instead, outside our borders, to receive a good consensus of the public, giving rise to a virtuous circle that sees the constant birth of reality able to flank with equal dignity the historical names of the scene.

2017 – Independent