Third full length in a very short period of time for Chiral‘s solo project, without the quality of the compositional level being affected, on the contrary. In fact, starting from Abisso, an album that came to collect and synthesize the fruits of an intense work lasted throughout 2014 and part of 2015, the musician from Piacenza began a path of growth that led him to be one of the protagonists of an atmospheric black scene that, in our country, takes on different facets. Chiral‘s style differs from the veined vein of epic and warlike historical rhetoric (which is still providing good results) and shows instead the more reflective and, if you will, naturalistic side of the genre. Gazing Light Eternity, perhaps even more and better than its predecessor Night Sky, is the representation of scenarios that appear bucolic in its ambient phases, and veiled with a restlessness that goes to compose a picture in which the melodic Mediterranean taste goes to merge with the Scandinavian school and with the Cascadian derivations of the North American one. The album consists of four tracks of which the two longest (close to the quarter of an hour) are precisely marked by a liquid black metal and brooding, except for the measured acceleration in double bass, where a convincing melodic substrate serves as a common thread, cloaking the great charm of quality compositions to which Chiral has accustomed us. The two shortest tracks (about six minutes long) reveal the ambient vein of Chiral, whose ability to make this musical nuance less interlocutory and more fascinating can be appreciated even more here (to be noticed the guitar work that remains almost in the background in The Hourglass). Gazing Light Eternity fully confirms the value that Chiral had already exhibited fully in previous works, and if we consider that we are talking about the same musician who is behind the excellent work of another project like Il Vuoto, it appears in all its evidence as we are in the presence of a superior talent that deserves all the support from the Italian fans and not only.

2016 – Pest Productions 2017 – Fólkvangr Records 2020 – Viridian Flame Records