After a few years of break-in marked by releases with reduced minutes, the Polish band Martyrdoom reach their debut full length with which they abruptly bring us back to the last decade of the last century, with fierce and unhealthy death doom. We are not, therefore, in the parts of the most melodic and melancholic side of the genre, but on that decidedly unbalanced towards the first of the two components, going to draw mainly, at the level of inspiration, to the bands authors of a morbid and often slowed down death doom. Therefore, more than to the old Europe, the guys from Warsaw turn their look overseas, focusing it on the cornerstones of the genre such as Obituary, Incantation and Immolation, all groups that began to affect heavily on the scene when ours, at best, were still harmless school children. This rediscovery of the so-called old school sounds should not necessarily appear as a stratagem to escape the lack of innovative ideas, and Martyrdoom in this sense widely demonstrate that it is possible to reinterpret the past doing it in an equally personal way. To do this you need to put in your music a massive dose of conviction and devotion to the cause, exactly what happens in this corrosive and dark Grievous Psychosis: the harsh voice, John Tardy-style, Sociak leads in the putrid meanders of an extreme underworld that continues to launch important signals that can not be ignored. Reading titles like Lucifer Rise, Oldschool Death, Corpsefuck and Bloody Incarnations it’s not difficult to guess where this album is going to go, but whether it’s always quite controlled accelerations or slowdowns that leave room for some fine guitar passages, the beauty of an album like this is that it never gets tired and never gets boring, even if the stylistic variety can’t be counted among its strengths. Who cares, however, as everything is played with honesty and competence of this Polish quintet that, in less than forty minutes, completes its remarkable work by giving a song with partially different traits as Corpsefuck, more doom oriented than the rest of the tracklist, just to remember that the social reason is not at all blown up, despite a rhythmically furious closure. For Martyrdoom a great debut, one of those that maybe will not change life but will certainly improve it for those who feed on these sounds.

2017 – Memento Mori