The one of In Tormentata Quiete is a magic that is perpetuated from several years with a frequency that selfishly we would like to increase but that, like the appearance in the sky of a comet at intervals of decades, continues to amaze every time and, for this reason, brings with it the gift of exceptionality. The juxtaposition of an album like Finestatico to a cosmic event is not random at all, since the universe and its stars are the protagonists of the story set to music by the band, which proceeds on its personal path with increasing firmness and clarity of purpose, thanks to a compositional talent that in our country has few terms of comparison. The lyrical theme addressed by the Bolognese ensemble is fascinating also thanks to the stratagem of giving voice to the celestial bodies, attributing to them human feelings that emerge gradually among indissoluble unions, estrangements, movements of pride, senses of isolation and frustration. All this, then, finds its natural landing place in a musical fabric so varied and changing to put in crisis even the most tenacious and imaginative of classifiers: the reality is that the In Tormentata Quiete are bearers of musical art with a capital A, which can be assimilated to metal for some extreme heritage that today, after all, is more than anything else found in the scream of Marco Vitale, fundamental in creating the peculiar interweaving with the two clean voices, male and female (respectively entrusted to Simone Lanzoni and Irene Petitto). The very idea of trying to describe, albeit in broad strokes, the contents of Finestatico, seems to me at times a vain exercise if not an act of presumption: how can you tell in words, in fact, what instead is an accumulation of emotions and feelings resulting from listening to a work that unfolds with magical fluidity between black, death, folk, doom, songwriting and symphonic metal, without any of these components ever prevails clearly on the other? I’ll just limit myself, then, to recommend strongly to anyone who wants to get an idea of yet another masterpiece signed by In Tormentata Quiete to watch and listen to the beautiful video of R136a1, which is not the most beautiful song of the album simply because they all are (although it is one of those that I prefer along with Sirio, a song in which the folk component is manifested in a more distinct way). Finestatico is an essential work, offered by a unique band whose work, in a normal country, should be disseminated in schools, instead of being confined to an underground environment, however, never so alive and full of talents that are just waiting to be brought to the surface by a more careful communication and a public less flattened on the usual names.

2017 – My Kingdom Music