Hjarnidaudi – Psykostarevoid

Dead Seed Productions has released the vinyl versions of the two albums released in the last decade by Hjarnidaudi, the solo drone doom project of Norwegian musician Vidar “Voidar” Ermesjø, also known for his militancy in Koldbrann. What we briefly examine is the second of the two, as well as the last release under the name Hjarnidaudi in chronological order, Psykostarevoid. The album winds along four tracks of instrumental nature, with an average length of 10 minutes and obviously the chosen genre and the style with which it is proposed are not matter for everyone. The doom, in the reading of Ermesjø, is something even more cryptic and disturbing than what we are normally used to listen to, and his skill lies, in my opinion, not to indulge in endless experiments drone but in launching in obsessive reiterations but terribly enveloping, as happens in an admirable way in the track II, a true monolith of suffering from distorted sounds, suffocating but not entirely devoid of a melodic semblance. This feature makes the proposal peculiar even in the remaining tracks, which continue to offer a vision of doom that has nothing reassuring, incessantly rummaging through the bowels with its distorted and thunderous pace. It’s a pity that for eight years no new material branded with this moniker has been released, because such an album represents an unconventional reading of the genre, without bordering on cacophony; often, however, these reissues are preparatory to the return of projects set aside for some time, so we can only hope that this can also apply to Hjarnidaudi.

2016 – Dead Seed Productions