Enter The Soil – That Amber Lit Morning

It’s not wrong to say that the New Zealand funeral is basically identified with the work of Wellington musician Justin Chorley, who started his adventure with the moniker Hirsute, releasing in 2011 a self-titled ep and then, in 2014, a full length titled Still Waiting, where he showed a good death doom, melodic and varied, with a good quality peak in the beautiful track Where You Left Me to Drown. In 2017, however, Justin decides to change the name of his solo project in Enter The Soil (also because, honestly, Hirsute was a rather strange choice), moving also the sound towards funeral in the strictest sense, although the melodic traits emerged in the past are properly preserved. That Amber Lit Morning is an album dedicated, as the author himself suggests, “to a child who played too close to the river”. The result is a sorrowful trend in which Chorley tries with good success to channel different sources of inspiration such as My Dying Bride, Mournful Congregation and Ahab, achieving a convincing result; On the other hand, what seemed from the outset to be an amateurish project surprises instead for the depth of the themes and music with a series of excellent songs, including the most dramatic, The Coffin And The Moth, the second track of the work in which Justin shows a very effective clean voice and not improvised as it happens too often to those who usually use the growl.

2017 – Independent