Violet Cold is the solo project of the Azerbaijani Emin Guliyev, a rather prolific guy, musically speaking, given the amount of singles and ep’s (more than thirty) published in about four years of activity, in addition to four full lengths of which the last, titled Anomie, is the one that we take into consideration. Notwithstanding the lack of material time to go to revisit what has been proposed in the past by the hyperactive musician of Baku, what we can say with certainty is that it is offered on this occasion an atmospheric black with a strong propensity for shoegaze, only exacerbated by the vocals in depressive style, going to place the sound somewhere between the first Alcest and Ghost Bath in their recent appearance more graceful. Framed in some way the work of the good Emin, you just have to immerse yourself in these more than fifty minutes of music pleasant and dreamy overall, without going to sink, then, in abysses of darkness and despair: what hovers, rather, is a melancholy background enhanced by the ability of our ability to build melodies in their linear way but with a sure impact. Obviously from such a work must keep away those who consider this approach to the matter a degeneration of black metal and reacts to the term blackgaze as a vampire in front of a cross; on the other hand, however, Anomie will be extremely appreciated by those who seek fluid sounds, only a pinch stinging but with their own way of a certain depth. With the exception of the title track, which opens the album not exactly on the right foot, going to rehash musical themes already heard in different sauces, Guliyev then offers a series of songs in which he manages to compensate for a certain stylistic uniformity thanks to his ability to compose melodies undoubtedly beautiful, with the addition of ethnic digressions that are amplified in the beautiful and final No Escape From Dreamland. Of course, in the time it takes to receive the promo, listen to it a few times and write a few lines of comment, Violet Cold have already released a split, a compilation and an ep, so in this case the chronicle struggles to keep pace with reality, and this is even more surprising if you think (perhaps mistakenly) that such a dispersion of energy can preclude even better results than those already excellent achieved in this occasion. As a matter of fact, I think that, if we want to make a parallelism, Anomie is certainly superior to the last work of the mentioned Ghost Bath, because here everything appears much more spontaneous in the light of the naive spirit with which Guliyev pursues his intentions, in antithesis to a similar stylistic form but that appears inevitably sweetened by the landing to the big distribution and, consequently, to a much wider catchment area.

2017 – Razed Soul Productions