Ewigkeit – Cosmic Man

The prolific and brilliant multi-instrumentalist and producer James Fogarty returns with his creature Ewigkeit to take us far into the stars. James has been actively involved in many projects, including …In The Woods, founded the Meads Of Asphodel and The Bombs Of Enduring Freedom, as well as the more recent and splendid Sollertia. In short, a personality travelling in multiple directions, and here he takes a very particular one. It seemed that the Ewigkeit project no longer had any momentum, but instead Svart Records will release this excellent album in July, even if the current sound is very different from that of Earache records. Here it is really difficult, as well as reductive, to talk about genres, there is a very high quality and a very wide variety of tastes. The basis is a prog rock that borders on metal, and certainly much is indebted to King Crimson, and from here one goes on a journey into the most infinite galaxy. Fogarty’s talent is manifold and we already know it, but here it takes on further value when he comes to compose certain tracks, such as Death is The Portal or Thief In The Sky, imbued with remarkable melodies and feelings. It is not just escapism, but a search for our mind’s potential to investigate unknown depths, travelling far with the brain, our most powerful engine. Lots of psychedelia hardened by rock and metal, but also immense organ and keyboard work, and the whole holds together beautifully, taking metal in directions yet to be explored but already very enjoyable. At times when listening to Cosmic Man, one can close one’s eyes and really be at peace with the world, being lulled by music that transmutes and becomes pure sensation. Occultism is present here, because Fogarty is still aware of certain traditions and symbols. A different and beautiful metal record. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 6/7/2017)

2017 – Svart Records