Sektarism is not just a band, but they use music as a means of celebrating the Lord, performing real rituals both on record and live. These French extremists come from the ranks of the brotherhood called Apostles of Ignominy, a very mysterious sect. In 2012 after three demo ep’s comes the first record Le Son Des Stigmates, which is paradigmatic of what they want to do. Their intention is to induce the audience and themselves into a trance, to take their message to an even higher level. To do this they use a very funeral doom, but this is above all ritual music, as there are many passages that are declaimed with a jam underneath. As mentioned earlier, the music here is a means of producing something superior to it, and more importantly, Sektarism do not make entertainment but rather want to give a real experience to those who approach them. The record is therefore very special and fascinating, and is in itself a ritual, as the concert will be, since the phonographic production is precisely the starting point of the ritual. While not being and not wanting to be easy, La Mort de l’Infidèle is a record that will strike to the heart of lovers of funeral doom and ritual music, hence those who follow Dark Buddha Rising, our Nibiru, because that is the line, to use music as it was used in antiquity, for example in orphic rites. The pieces are very long and you have to immerse yourself in it and obviously it’s not music for everyone, but those who recognise what this work is will appreciate it very much. (M.Argo – MetalEyes 7/7/2017)

2017 – Zanjeer Zani / Sahluqtu Archives