I must admit that such a moniker, associated with a label like Solitude, initially confused me a bit, because I have no doubt that the good Evgeny, as well as all the fans, considers the doom something very serious on which the margins for joking are very small. Actually Fvneral Fvkk, beyond the appearances and the treated themes, that a title like Erection In The House Of God explains better than many words, play an epic, liturgical and majestic doom, musically not to be taken lightly. First of all, let’s start from a fundamental fact, that the band is formed by members of Faulnis, Ophis and Crimson Swan, whose identities are hidden by unlikely nicknames, so we are talking about the flower of the German scene afferent to the darkest metal: with these bases, it can’t be surprising that the genre is handled by sufficiently experienced hands, able to make the grotesque and desecrating side of the texts coexist with sounds steeped in the sacredness of doom. It so happens that this ep, which does not reach twenty minutes of duration even with the contribution of the bonus track Fvkking At Fvnerals, turns out to be in its own way a valuable product, although equally outside the usual canons of the Russian label, accustomed to propose mostly bands devoted to funeral or death doom. Wide melodic openings outlined by a guitarist in great shape, strong riffs that recall the very first Type 0 Negative, and clean vocal lines without reaching the stentorian tones of certain classic doom, are among the elements that make The Lecherous Liturgies a product of excellence, with the hope that Fvneral Fvkk do not turn out to be just an impromptu project but are able to give continuity to a brilliant work, albeit short, like this.

2017 – Solitude Productions